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Cheap Beer, Cigarettes, Drugs, Sex, We do it all.
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Rebel_chicks. A quite rare breed, indeed. Quite rarely can we be tamed or handled. We rebel against the government, authority, school, parents, hip hop kids, and all of society. We play checkers with cigarette butts. We chug cheap beer and pick fights as well as any fuckface guy can. We fuck people up just for the fun of it. We fuck our men behind the club by the dumpsters after moshing at a show for 4 hours. We are as rude and as much of a bitch that we want to be to whoever wants to step in our way. We spit on people, because we know that that's the lowest thing you can do. We wear what we want, we say what we want, we do what we want, and that's that. Do you have what it takes to be a rebel chick? Then join, please. THIS IS NOT A RATING COMMUNITY. YOU GET IN EVEN IF YOU LOOK LIKE CATHY BATES!

A few rules:

- post 2 or more pictures of you upon joining.. along with this survey:
(all ages and sexual preferences and races are allowed.. but this is made for chicks)
- name:
- age:
- location:
- single?:
- sexual pref.:
- top 10 bands:
- tatoos?:
- piercings?:
- smoke ciggs.?:
- do drugs? (what kind):
- alcohol?:
- Pictures: (2 or more)

- Remember, this is a community for "punks" and rebels. NONE of that pop crap like Good Charlotte or ANYTHING that happens to be on MTV. If you think anything on MTV is punk, burn in hell.

- no nude or pornographic images.

- post pics under an LJ cut just because some people are uptight and don't like big pictures on the main page of the community.