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- name: Marsha
- age:16
- location: San Francisco, CA
- single?:yes
- sexual pref.:straight
- top 10 bands: Propagandhi,Oi! Polloi,Oi! Scouts,The Pist,Politicide,Youth in asia, Potential threat, Nofx, Dead Kennedys, Anti-flag.. and pretty much any band with lyrics about animal rights/Politics/Communism/Oi!
- tatoos?:lol yeah i just got a che guevara Quote around my wrist...."Cruel leaders are replaced only to have New leaders turn cruel"
- piercings?: navel
- smoke ciggs.?:Nope
- do drugs? (what kind):weed,Ectasy & Shrooms
- alcohol? ill drink .. whatever you can put in a beer bong...Especially 211 (in SF you can buy the tall cans for a dollar..fuck yeah)....i fucking hate girly smirnoff and any type of wine..
- Pictures: (2 or more)....i dont know how clear these are...

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