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Heyy. I am the moderator of this motherfucking community. Look in the userinfo for rules. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING RATING COMMUNITY (thank god).

- phoebe.
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name: CRisTaL
single: duh
sex pref: guyz
top 10 bands: like too many and to lazy to pick(look at my pro)
pirceings: just ears...
ciggs: just quit
drugs: watever i can get...ghb,pain meds, pills lots of pills...
alchol:hell yea
pics... dont have any yet

ur a fucking genius 4 making this , im sorta new to this live journal stuff thou... i dont know how to like post it on the main page thing
When you go to update your journal...
And you click on more options, where you can put in your mood and music, etc.
There's a thing that says "Journal to post in," and you click on the community or other journal of yours that you want to put that update in.

It took me a while to figure that out too.
Don't worry.