Tonight we're going to raise the dead (catch_the_kids) wrote in rebel_chicks,
Tonight we're going to raise the dead

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- name: Jamie
- age: 14
- location: Brooklyn Park, Maryland
- single?: Fuck yeah. You can be single and fuck too.
- sexual pref.: Straight
- top 10 bands:
1. The Varukers
2. Dead Boys
3. Discharge
4. Agnostic Front
5. Motorhead
6. Circle Jerks
7. Abrasive Wheels
8. A global Threat
9. Generation X
10. Cock Sparrer
- tatoos?: Nah. But when I do get one it's gonna be a thugged out jesus popping a cap in a security guards ass.
- piercings?: I did have my lip pierced but I took it out. I'm getting it done again though.
- smoke ciggs.?: Of course
- do drugs? (what kind): Not at the moment.
- alcohol?: Budweiser and cheap wine
- Pictures: (2 or more)

Me blinking like a dipshit.

This is hard to see but it's me smoking in the bathtub with a dipshit grin on my face

Not very photogenic as you can see
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